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Delphi's MagneRide™ Earns PACE™ Award for Product Innovation

Release Date: March 3, 2003

TROY, Mich., – For the fifth consecutive year, Delphi Corp. (NYSE: DPH) continued to set the pace in product innovation by winning a 2003 PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers' Contribution to Excellence) Award in the Product category at the ninth annual Automotive News PACE Awards Reception and Ceremony at the Detroit Opera House on March 2.

Delphi's MagneRide™ suspension technology won the prestigious award in the Product category, while the company's Substance of Concern Reporting and Tracking Tool received an honorable mention.

In addition, Delphi's Forewarn Back-Up Aid was honored with a finalist plaque in the Product category, while Delphi's DS800 and Lean Automated Plastic Injection Molding were both honored in the Information Technology & Services category. Delphi has received six PACE awards since its independence in 1999 and has been honored with eight finalist plaques and three honorable mentions.

"Delphi's repeated recognition of the coveted PACE awards, underscores our commitment to R&D and in delivering innovative technologies to our customers," said J.T. Battenberg III, Delphi chairman, CEO and president. "As an industry leader, Delphi is committed to product innovation and is honored to be among such distinguished winners."

PACE™ recognizes automotive suppliers who have excelled in adapting and reinventing their companies or products to meet constantly increasing quality standards in four categories, Product, Product - Europe, Manufacturing Process & Capital Equipment and Information Technology & Services.

Delphi's PACE™ winning innovation:

Delphi's MagneRide™ provides improved comfort, performance, safety and wheel control as the industry's first semi-active suspension technology with no electro-mechanical valves or small-moving parts. The high performance semi-active suspension control system responds in real time to road and driving conditions based on input from sensors that monitor body and wheel motions. MagneRide minimizes vehicle body motion for a flatter ride and more precise, responsive handling, while reducing small road disturbances, improving load transfer characteristics and providing a quieter, more refined ride due to improved road isolation.

MagneRide debuted on the 2002 Cadillac Seville STS and is standard equipment in the 50th anniversary edition of the 2003 Chevrolet Corvette. It will also appear on the 2004 XLR Cadillac Roadster.

Delphi innovations also recognized as PACE finalists included:

Forewarn Back-Up Aid
Delphi's Forewarn Back-Up Aid is an innovative radar based system that helps prevent backing accidents by allowing drivers to detect objects behind their vehicles when going in reverse. When there is an object in the vehicle's rear path, Back-Up Aid gives the driver an audible and visual warning. As an object gets closer the warning becomes more pronounced. Back- Up Aid is the first radar-based obstacle detection system on the market that looks out a longer distance. It combines ultrasonic sensors with a single- beam radar sensor in the rear vehicle bumper to offer one of the most comprehensive rear-sensing detection ranges available today. Back-Up Aid is available as Extended Parking Assist on select 2003 Lincoln vehicles and as Reverse Sensing System on the 2003 Ford Expedition.

DS800 Service Solution
Developed by Delphi Product & Service Solutions' business unit -- Delphi Integrated Service Solutions, the new, patented DS800(TM) is the first wireless handheld diagnostic tool introduced by Delphi in the U.S. and Canada. The DS800 connects to a vehicle's on-board computer to accurately pinpoint engine or electrical faults and provides in-vehicle customer write-up ability, vehicle diagnosis in minutes, easy access to technical, repair, customer and product information as well as integration with powerful, shop-proven web- based information providers. Additional benefits include reduced repair time, improved bay efficiency, increased customer satisfaction and greater business and profit opportunities.

Lean Automated Plastic Injection Molding
Delphi has established a connector-manufacturing standard at the Cortland Injection Molding Center by creating a world-class molding operation with first-rate equipment, processes and information systems. The Cortland facility utilizes industry-leading integrated information technologies to give operators, managers, suppliers and customers complete, accurate, real-time information regarding manufacturing input and output. The system allows the plant increased flexibility in its manufacturing methods while allowing managers to plan and test all elements of the manufacturing system in advance, prior to implementation on the plant floor.

The Delphi innovation receiving an honorable mention:

Substance of Concern Reporting and Tracking Tool
The Substance of Concern (SOC) Reporting and Tracking Tool provides answers to data inquiries in a short amount of time with a high degree of accuracy to fulfill the requirement of suppliers to provide detailed reporting on chemical content of their products by automotive OEM customers. Delphi's innovative Windows-based system is a breakthrough that had not been seen before at the automotive supplier level, and has had a total cost savings to Delphi estimated at over $4 million.

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